Order Integration Flow:

To track orders from your site or store or cms, you will need access to your server-side, to your site files.

  • The process is to create a new order integration campaign[inside the affiliate system] and integrate the tracking code inside the order confirmation page of your site[can be any domain].
  • Your site order confirmation page needs to include these values: Order Id / Order Total / Currency / Product Ids that will be implemented inside our integration code.
  • If your site checkout flow is missing the order confirmation page, your site developer will need to develop it.
  • The commission of order integration is per total order and not per product.
  • How does it work step by step? Read here

Example code of order integration:

Commission logic example:

your site:



Affiliate admin side:

Program = 10% commission.

Order process:

End client buy product1 + product2

Total cart checkout: 100+200 = 300$

Commission: 10% from 300$ = 30$

Affiliate wallet:

The affiliate gets a 30$ commission on his wallet.

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