In this article, you will learn how to add a new sales campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Campaigns

Step 2: Choose the type of Ads of your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video] and press add new.

Step 3: Choose “Sale Integration” from the tool type menu.

Step 4: Choose the integration tool from the list the under “Tool Integration Plugin” menu.

Step 5: Choose the Period of your campaign.

Step 6: Set the campaign name.

Step 7: Set the Target link of the site you are doing integration with.

Step 8: Set campaign category[Optional]

Step 9: Set/Choose the commission program for your campaign.

Step 10: Set campaign Terms.[Optional]

Step 11: Select the users of the campaign that will be available for them.[All, Selected users/ Selected groups]

Step 12: Set to enable and save.

Step 13: After saving, press on integrates code button to get full instructions for the integration with your site.

If your integration is “Custom Order Integration”do step 14. Else, continue to step 15.

Step 14: Custom Order Integration Instructions

In this step, you will need to set the Common Tracking Script and Order Tracking Script

Common Tracking Script:

Set the common tracking code on your site header[the header must be common to all site pages]

Order Tracking Script:

This code needs to integrate into your order confirmation page with your site variables

OrderId – Replace it with your dynamic variable.
OrderCurrency– Replace it with your dynamic variable.
OrderTotal– Replace it with your dynamic variable.
ProductIDs– Replace it with your dynamic variable.
WebsiteUrl = It auto-set in the target URL from the campaign.

Step 15: Validate the campaign by pressing the “Perform Integration Check” and then press on to continue to run the test process. Wait until it is complete.

The campaign “Integration Status” will be updated according to the results.[Approved/Pending]

Approved – This status means that the common code identifies on your target site header.

Pending – This status means that the common code does not identify on your target site header.

IMPORTANT! Because of Access security permission, The validation tool does not identify the order integration code that you placed on your order confirmation page. The success of integration results depends on your or your website developer’s responsibility.

Integration paid service – feel free to create a ticket and get a cost from us

Step 16: For each campaign, you can set MLM Default/Custom setting by navigating to the levels tab inside the edit campaign option.

Step 17: For each campaign, you can set the recurring setting to Default/Custom by navigating to the recurring tab inside the edit campaign option.

Step 18: For each campaign, you can set the PostBack setting to Disable/Default/Custom by navigating to the postback tab inside the edit campaign option. A full guide is available HERE and it is for advanced developers.

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