In this article, you will learn how to add a new program to your sales campaigns.

When you need to create a sale integration with your external store or your any external site that you are running sales and want to pay commission for each order and to each click on your store products, you will need to create a program and after that to assign the program to your campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Programs

Step 2: Press add a new button for adding a new program.

Step 3: Set Sale integration details:

  • Set Commission Type”: Percentage / Fixed
  • Set Commission For Sale [ % or $]”: The commission rate that you want to share with your affiliates
  • Set Sale Status”: Enable or Disable program sale commission

Step 4: Set Click integration details:

  • Set “Click Allow”: Select multi or single click allows [it means if affiliate will get a commission for every product click on the store or only one time]
  • Set “Number Of Click”: select how many clicks an affiliate needs to have, to win the commission
  • Set “Amount Per Click”: set the commission that you want to pay per “number of click value”
  • Set Sale Status”: Enable or Disable program click commission

Step 5: Save the new program.

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